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Link to register (for new IFFC Members only)

Dear IFFC Members,

As we are moving to a completely new website, this season’s fixtures are not updated yet. Please ask your team leaders for the latest updates.

The new players who never registered with any IFFC team before have to register using the following link:

All the players who registered before will be automatically added in the new season and published on the new website.

The schedule for September games was given to your team leader. Please also check with them the latest updates.

Sorry for the trouble.

Enjoy the first championship game this weekend.

IFFC Exco.

Season 2016 – 2017 starting soon

Dear IFFC Members,

Sorry if you could not connect to our website recently, the reason it that the website was hacked and we had to clean all the files one by one..

At the moment, we are working on a new website more “mobile friendly” so that the new players can register with their smart phone. It will be effective in the coming days, don’t worry, we will keep you posted. All the players that were registered last season will be moved to the new season automatically. We are working on it with your team leader.


Teams in Premier League & First Division

Vintage and Soaring are out for sure. Cavalier plays in Premier League. UIBE plays in Premier League. Russia plays in First Division. Vikings plays in First Division. Beijing Rockets joins First Division. Beijing Unlimited Challenge Football Club joins First Division.

Premier League (10 teams): Afrika / Barbarians A / Cavalier / Celtic / Forbidden City / French Le / Kozo / Sexy / Tobacco / UIBE
First Division (10 Teams): Barbarians B / Beijing Unlimited Challenge Football Club / Chaoyang Park Rangers / Origin FC / Red Cards /Beijing Rockets / Russia / Sports Beijing / Summer Palace / Vikings

On Thursday 18th August at 8 pm @ Beermania we will do the draw for the first round of the Thomas Marechal Cup for First Division teams only.
On Thursday 25th August we will have the Team Leader’s meeting (time and venue will be confirmed later).
On August 27&28 the First Division teams will play the first round of the Thomas Marechal Cup (Forbidden City was Champion last season).

On September 3&4 ALL teams will resume championship.

We will inform you when the schedule is online.


IFFC Exco.


Schedule for second half of this season

Dear IFFC Members,

This winter break is always too long, we are all excited to be back in the league, cool!

The schedule for your first game next weekend is online, the schedule for the other games will be online by next weekend. Official games will be played from February 27 to mid June except during Chinese holidays. Here is the plan:

  • February 27/28: championship games
  • March 5/6: championship games
  • March 12/13: championship games
  • March 19/20: championship games
  • March 26/27: championship games
  • April 1: IFFC SOCIAL EVENT @ PADDY O’SHEA’S (1/4  FINALS CUP DRAW + OPEN MUSIC STAGE FOR IFFC MEMBERS + BJ BEATLES GIG, for more details please send us an e mail:
  • April 2/3: Chinese Holidays
  • April 9/10: championship games
  • April 16/17: championship games
  • April 23/24: championship games
  • April 30/31: Chinese Holidays
  • May 7/8: 1/4 finals Thomas Marechal Cup
  • May 14/15: championship games
  • May 21/22: championship games
  • May 28/29: championship games
  • June 4/5: championship games

According to make-up games and 1/4 finals results, IFFC Exco will arrange semifinals and final games.

Enjoy the second half of the league 🙂

IFFC Exco.

Schedule + 1st IFFC Social + Cup

Dear IFFC Members,

The schedule for all championship games is online for PL and FD (except 3 PL games and 2 FD games). IFFC Exco is in contact with the team leaders of the related teams in order to schedule these last 5 games.

The first IFFC Social event will be on September 26 (Saturday) in the evening from 7 pm in a venue that will be decided later. The objective is to have fun all together and do the first draw for the Thomas Marechal Cup (1/8 finals or Round 2 on the website). Feel free to give your suggestions directly to or to your team leaders in order to make this party a successful event. If we all get to know each other, the games will be more interesting and the spirit will even be better!

The 1/8 finals will take place on October 31 and November 1 (no championship game during this weekend). In a few days you will see more information on the website in the Thomas Marechal Cup section (we are building this page so that it is easier to understand what is going on).

IFFC Exco reminds you that all the players have to be registered before September 10.

I hope you are enjoying the holidays and see you soon on the pitch!

IFFC Exco.


Please register on IFFC website

Dear IFFC Members,

I hope you enjoyed your first game in the championship. It seems that the 2 new teams had a good start in the league, they both won their 2 games, well done Sports Beijing and Soaring! Last year’s champion Forbidden City lost the first game against the strong BJ Tobacco team, are they already missing last years’ best IFFC player Barrie George?? At the bottom of the table, Celtic is now facing reality: Pemiere League will not be as easy as last year! Maybe it is time for Jonny to come back and strike like in the old time, isn’t it?


You only need to ask your team leader(s) to send your picture to Kagashani so that he can update your profile on the website.


Please register on the IFFC website here and do not forget to choose the teams you play in Premiere League, First Division and Thomas Marechal Cup. In case you play for different teams feel free to send your picture to your team leader who will forward it to Kagashani who is in charge of the registration process.

The objective is that all the players are registered by September 10 before the next official game.

Thanks a lot for your cooperation.

IFFC Exco.

Updates for Season 2015-2016

Dear IFFC Members,

IFFC Exco hope you are excited for this new season 2015 / 2016. During the summer break a few teams dropped off the league (Lao Hu and Changping) but 2 new teams have joined us (Soaring and Sports Beijing) so we still have 20 teams in total. Beijing Celtic was promoted to Premiere League, Kozo stays in Premiere League and Soaring&Sports Beijing join the First Division.


The schedule will be finalized soon for the first half of the season and it will be put on the website. IFFC Exco sincerely apologize for the delay. Please contact your team leaders regarding the first games scheduled till September 13. As soon as the whole schedule is online IFFC Exco will inform you right away.


The rules have been updated for the coming season. I invite each IFFC member to go through them before the championship resumes. Please pay attention to the new rules: 11) 12) 24) 25) 26) 27). We are going to apply the Pollution Policy rule from the first game this weekend. The Thomas Marechal Cup will also be more interesting as no team is seeded for each draw. The results of the first round will be published on the website soon. When doing the different draws for the Thomas Marechal Cup we can meet all together at the occasion of the IFFC Social events (more info to come soon).


Each IFFC member will need to be registered on the website with a picture of yourself wearing your team’s jersey. Please ask your team leaders for more information as they have just received the information from IFFC Exco. It would be great if your team leader can take a nice picture this coming weekend before the game so that all of you look great on the IFFC website. Thanks for your support on this! Nobody can register on line till Monday 31st August in order for each of you to take a pic with your jersey.

Enjoy the first Championship games this weekend!

IFFC Exco.

IFFC Awards + Cup Final + 7 Aside on June 13 in Lidu

Dear IFFC Members,

The schedule for the Thomas Marechal Cup semi-finals is on line (1 game on June 6, 1 game on June 7). The qualified teams are: Forbidden City, Celtic, Chang Ping and Vikings.

French Le still have to play 2 championship games against Sexy and Kozo. If French Le does not get 6 points they will be relegated to First Division as Celtic might want to go up to First Division.

The Thomas Marechal Cup final will be played on June 13 from 4 to 6 in Lidu followed by the IFFC Awards at Franck’s Place probably (TBC).

After consulting with the team leaders IFFC Exco decided to arrange the Robert Gonnella 7 aside tournament on June 13 in Lidu in order to gather more people to watch the cup final and attend the IFFC Awards afterwards. Let’s try to make of this day more like a social event compared to a pure football event at the exception for the 2 teams that will be qualified in the cup final of course. Cheap&cold drinks will be available during the whole day in Lidu.
Also, Kozo might play against French Le from 10 to 12 in Lidu on June 13. It has to be confirmed beginning of next week.
The 7 aside tournament would be from 12 to 4 (each team would play at least 2 games of 20′).
Quick summary for June 13 in Lidu:

  • 10 to 12: Kozo V.S French Le
  • 12 to 4: Robert Gonnella 7 aside tournament
  • 4 to 6: Thomas Marechal Cup final
  • 6 onwards: IFFC Awards in Lidu (surely Franck’s place)

Hope to see you all on June 13 in Lidu Park and later in the bar!

IFFC Exco.

IFFC quick meeting followed by IFFC social party at Paddy O’Shea’s next Tuesday

Dear IFFC Members,

We hope you enjoyed the very long winter break. There is no doubt you are full of energy and excited to be back to the pitch!

Here is the plan for the coming days:

  1. March 1: make up games for UIBE/Lao Hu/Celtic/Summer Palace (the schedule is on the website),
  2. End of the week: schedule on line,
  3. March 3 from 7 pm at Paddy O’Shea’s ( meeting open to public in order to share with all IFFC members the result of Supercom & Discom’s decisions in regards to pollution, discom issues (incident reports/video) and possible new rules about physical abuse on referees (points deduction). The meeting will start at 7 pm and it will be followed by the first IFFC Social Party for all IFFC Members (maybe 1 very short quiz + movies + special drink deal),
  4. March 6: all players will have to be registered on the IFFC website (please wait for your team leader’s green light to register on line since we are cleaning the data base now),
  5. March 7&8: all teams resume the championship,

We hope to see you at Paddy’s next Tuesday or on the pitch soon!


IFFC Exco.





Dear IFFC Members,

Just to inform you that IFFC Exco, Discom and SuperCom have been very concerned recently about the pollution like most of you for sure.

Today, IFFC Exco has sent a proposal to all the team leaders in order to decide together about how to protect our health and finish the season on time.

IFFC Exco kindly invites you to refer to your team leader asap so that we can decide together about the next step. It is not easy at all and our decision will have some consequences on IFFC Exco’s flexibility to arrange games in the future.


IFFC Exco.

Schedule for 1st Half of the Season on line

Dear IFFC Members,

First IFFC would like to apologize for the time needed to fix the main issues on our website (still some minor errors to be fixed). The reason is that we could not reach the former webmaster who built the website and it was a choice to wait for his feedback not to take the risk of sharing the IFFC members’ contact details with any IT person that we might not trust. By the way, thanks to some IFFC members who offered their help recently regarding this IT issue but it was about to be sorted when you contacted us.

Mid September IFFC Supercom and Discom members drew the names of the teams qualified for the second round of the Thomas Marechal Cup. Here are the results:
  • Russia V.S French Le
  • Origin FC V.S Forbidden City
  • Barbarians A V.S Lao Hu
  • Barbarians B V.S Vikings
  • Beijing Celtic V.S Sexy
  • Kozo V.S Chang Ping
Afrika and BJ Tobacco are qualified for the 1/8 finals.

All the championship games are now on line for the first half of the season. Only some cup games are not scheduled since we still wait for a few teams to confirm when they can play.

In a few days all the new players will be able to register on our website. So far please wait, we still need to fix a few things.

Enjoy the holidays and see you on the pitch soon.

IFFC Exco.

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